With well over 5 decades combined experience in the Retail, Wholesale and Distribution industry we decided to join forces and put our combined expertise together to fulfill some niche needs and opportunities in the Canadian Marketplace. In 2010 our initial launch as Phoenix C & G Sales Inc. consisted of importing Mrs. Freshleys Pastries into Canada to serve our many Distribution Partners with a quality single serve alternative across the many diverse channels of Canadian Retail.

Our primary focus then and still today is to offer only fully compliant and C.F.I.A. approved products to our Canadian customer base. We further ensure that all respective Regulations and Customs requirements are fully followed and adhered to. Additionally, we recognized immediately that the proper way to market was to warehouse and ship products to our customers in a frozen state. This would ensure stability, integrity and the longevity of the products and program. As such we partnered with a 3rd Party Warehouse/Carrier group and have continued to work with them to present. This has further offered our Customers consistency, complete order fulfillment and dependable delivery schedules.

In 2012, we further recognized that additional products were required to complete the “basket of goods” offered to and by our customer partners. As such, we researched and sourced additional Tier One domestic Canadian manufacturers. We now offer a complete package of four “best in market” pastry manufacturers. Moving forward, we continue to pursue additional top quality products to add to the mix.

Although Pastry was our primary focus for the initial 5 years, we continued to discuss and heed the feedback and suggestions of our customers with regards to additional product opportunities. As such, in 2016 we entered into a Partnership with Targo Distribution Inc. As a key importer of exclusively high quality Cell Phone Accessories, we again recognized a key market opportunity to offer “best in class” product at highly competitive pricing.
With the Cell Technology advancing it was evident that the consumer demand was trending away from the cheap unreliable cables/chargers to a higher more compatible product. With our Buying Power, we were able to provide and fulfill this requirement. Today we offer this industry standard under the Tech Basics brand.

As we move forward, we continually review and research new product opportunities. Our Mission has always been based on the philosophy of offering only high quality, incremental opportunity products to our customers and industry partners. We continue to embrace these values and offer all our Valued Partners the highest levels of Integrity, Respect, Effort and Vision of Success.

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